Running kSync.

Starting server.

  1. Use the following optiong in multiserver.conf to configure the server:
    	Log file name
    		Servlet.ksync.InitArgs.log= "C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1/ksync/ksync.log"
    	Directory where XML documents to being syncronized are stored
    		Servlet.ksync.InitArgs.root= "C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1/ksync/xml/"
  2. Start Enhydra to start kSync server.

Starting client.

  1. Use the following optiong in ksync_client.jad to configure the client:
    	Client unique ID. If two or more clients are started simultaniously, those ID's should be different.
    		Client: ksync_client
    	The list of XML documents to be synchronized during this session. 
    	See item 1 to set the directory on server where the documents are stored.
    		Doc: Test1.xml;Test2.xml
    	Server URL. Chnage it if the server is runned remotely.
    		Server: http://localhost/ksync
  2. Double-click on ksync_client.jad to run a client