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Ksync: RE: kSync v2

Hi all,
Following on from my previous email, I have a bunch of observations gleaned from wading through the code.  I would dearly love some indication of whether my observations are correct (or not).
  • servlet-based
  • only handles application/vnd.syncml-xml, ie does not handle WbXml, but looks to be extensible (see comment below about XmlIo)
  • synchronizes XML DOMs, using files as backing stores on both client and server
    • uses interfaces for the DOM, but need to re-implement com.reaxion.tequila.syncml.xml.node.XmlIo to use another DOM or another XML serialization, eg WbXml. A factory would be helpful here.
    • changes to the client DOM must be done through the kSync API to be recorded.
    • changes to the server DOM presumedly the same, but not sure how.
    • DOM change history is recorded and used to limit synchronization traffic. Sadly, DOM change history is not persisted, so the whole file is sent? when a synchronization occurs after a restart
    • changes made directly to the XML backing store files are only picked up on a restart
  • the design seems tightly attached to XMLSyncServerDocument. Some refactoring would be required to insert another document type (say a file document), including:
    • use of a factory for constructor calls in ServerSession and SyncServer
    • separation of XML methods defined in IXMLSyncDocument and inherited in IXMLSyncServerDocument from the server document related fields defined in the latter.
  • not fully SyncML v1.1 compliant:
    • RespURI, Cred, Meta fields missing from SyncHdr element
Thanks in advance
Dean Chalker
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Hi all,
Just spent another day wading through kSync, trying to figure out how it works and how to apply it.  Judging from what I can see of the mailing list, I am not alone. 
Howvever, the day was not without gain.  I finally discovered that kSync synchronises DOMs, and not files.  The files are "merely" used as backing store for the in-memory DOMs.  Ah ha!!
Anyway: the question: when will v2 become publicly available.  I'm not sure how many days I want to invest in wading through the source if it will all go out the window when v2 arrives.
Thanks in advance.
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