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Ksync: Synchronysing contacts and appointments in mobile phone

Hi all,

I am working on a project where we need to synch the "address book" (phone
numbers) and appointments between a mobile phone and a remote server-based
database. We know we can do it for phones featuring SyncML, in which case we
only need to sort out the server side of the application. However, we also
want to support phones without embedded SyncML functionality. We came across
to your kSync project and thought this can be an option to provide SyncML
capabilities to any Java phone. Then, our question is:
 - Can we synchronise the phone's contact and appointment details using
kSync? In other words, can kSync access the phone's common address book and
 - If yes, can we even access the contact data stored in the SIM card, or
just the data stored in the phone's memory?

Look forward to your answers.
Thanks in advance for your help, and congratulations for your work.

Luis Alcántara García
RIGEL (Grupo Calidad y Tecnología)
Tel.: +34 91 233 97 54