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RE: Ksync: Current status of KSync? It seems pretty inactive


Let me as one of the co-authors of kSync to bring some light at the
situation. We were released kSync 1.0 almost a year ago and we had a
great plans for this software. However, due to lack of community support
and overall company interest shift to BREW platform this project was
conservated. Also we have built kSync v.2.0 which was built on entirely
different code base, so it has nothing common in terms of source code w/
kSync 1.0, but it was built for our internal purposes and we don't want
to release it as open-source. 

So, entire picture is a bit sad. However, if community has an interest
to this project, I'm and Oleg (main author of kSync) are available for
answers and probably we can help with some issues or even with evolution
of this software. We just can't do it alone.

Alexandr Koloskov
Director of Development, Reaxion Corp.
E-Mail:  alexk@reaxion.com
WWW: www.reaxion.com 

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Is anyone out there?

The last message I see in the archives is June 3, 2002.  I've read about
version 2.0 being available, but surprised that I can't find it on the

I'm in the evaluation stage and am looking at this and Sync4J.  KSync
appears to have released one, but the inactivity leads me to believe
KSync doesn't work well.  Any comments would be helpful.

Brent Hale
Eventronix Inc

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