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Ksync: Two way sync problem

Hi all,

I found in this list archives a message that corresponds exactly to my
But unfortunately nobody has reply.

I past the question :

"The following use case seems to NOT work properly.  I started the
server and the client.  I made a modification to an attribute and synced
with the server.  This works ok.  When I make a modification to the data
on the server (modifying the test1.xml file) and then tell the client to
sync again I don't get the updates made on the server sent to the
client.  I thought this might have been because the test1.xml file was
not re-read from the filesystem, so I tried restarting the server and
then it works, but it doesn't send the changes, it only ever does a
"508" (Slow sync necessary) response to the client which means it sends
the entire database contents (in this case the contents of the test1.xml
file) from the server to the client.  This doesn't seem like the correct
operation because this replaces any modifications currently in the
client with what the server sent.  Am I doing something wrong or am I
misunderstanding something?"

Any idea ?
Thank you for your time.