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RE: Ksync: Synchronize Ksync to outlook


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>>Subject: Ksync: Synchronize Ksync to outlook
>>Dir sear
>>We need an application to synchronies emails between outlook 
>>in a PC to private mail in our New mobile phone which 
>>includes HTTP and WAP browser.
>>1.	Can I do it with the Ksync software?


>>2.	If Yes, Is the client code depend on OS, and what's is the
>>estimated code size.

It is written on J2ME, but could be moved on J2SE using ME4SE without
changes in code 
kSync 1.0 (its on ksync.enhydra.org) is about 150 kBytes in binaries
(code size is 180 kBytes).
kSync 2.0 has about the same functioonality, but it has another
architecture and optimized on Jar file size. It is 20kBytes in binaries

>>3.	If Yes, please explain how to  do the synchronization

In case of kSync 1.0 you need to implement serialization of your data to
XML format and parsing XML presentation of your data.
In case of kSync 2.0 you need to implement some interfaces, which
contains method for applying changes received from server and for
notifying kSync library about changs on client

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