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Ksync: Ksync: Run problems

Hi All,

My name is Rohit Agrawal and I am a senior at the Rensselaer Polytecnic
Institute in the computer science major. I am working to use Ksync for a
senior design project. I am running Linux (Redhat 7.1) as an OS.

Following the directions on the website, I have been able to build Ksync
properly. However, there are problems in running it. I ran the enhydra
server and that registered the Ksync server in it. However, when i click on
the link (http://localhost.localdomain/ksync) for ksync, nothing shows up. 

For the client, how do I click on the ksync_client.jad file?? When i
deployed the ktoolbar for the j2mewtk, it had build problems for the
ksync_client project. I ran the debugger and it said that it could not find
any of the class files. It was searching in the
/usr/local/j2mewtk/apps/ksync_client/res directory. However, when I
checked, that directory does not exist. All the other test projects for
j2mewtk have that directory. 
I am running j2me 1.3.0 version. 

Any suggestions/help would be most welcome and much appreciated.

Thank You