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Re: Ksync: how to start up ksync server?

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Hi Alberto,

If you installed enthydra in C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1 than your configuration is correct. C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1/ksync/ksync.log the file where ksync server wrotes logs.

Please note that it processes only POST requests with correct Content-Type. If you still have problems with it please send me ksync.log and Enthydra logs. I'll try to check the problem



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Hi all,

i try to start up ksync server example but i can't find the ksync.log in the distribuited files.. and i had problems to start the server .. which configurations i have to enter in the configuration file the only

Servlet.ksync.InitArgs.log= "C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1/ksync/ksync.log"

Servlet.ksync.InitArgs.root= "C:/usr/local/enhydra3.1/ksync/xml/"

seem not work.

Best Regards,

Alberto Ferrari


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