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Ksync: Status of ksync?

Hello all,

I am completely new to enhydra, ksync and syncml, so please
excuse me if this has been discussed before or I am asking
stupid questions. I can't find the mail archive because of
broken links on the ksync web pages.

I have downloaded the (ziped) ksync source. I can't find
ksync in the cvs repository, maybe some of the issues below
are fixed there.

I am trying to use the ksync server with an ericsson phone.
I am using solaris 8 and jdk 1.4.

1. Does ksync support wbxml? Could it be made to do that,
   I understand it as kxml does?
2. com.reaxion.tequila.syncml.comm.CommParams says
   content-type = application/vnd.syncml-xml, shouldn't
   it be application/vnd.syncml+xml (note the plus)?
3. Is there cvs read access for ksync?
4. When trying to sync I get a
   org.enhydra.servlet.ServletIOException: Read timed out
    at org.enhydra.servlet.ServletIOException.rethrow
    at org.enhydra.servlet.connectionMethods.http.HttpInputStream.read
    at com.reaxion.tequila.server.syncml.comm.CommServlet.service
   The request from the phone seems to be correct when watched
   with tcpdump. Is there anyone out there that can give me
   a clue on this?

Grateful for any hints,
Ragnar Sundblad