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Ksync: RE: Ksync: Run problems

Hi, Rohit

>>Following the directions on the website, I have been able to 
>>build Ksync properly. However, there are problems in running 
>>it. I ran the enhydra server and that registered the Ksync 
>>server in it. However, when i click on the link 
(http://localhost.localdomain/ksync) for ksync, nothing shows up. 

The thing is that kSync server process only HTTP POST requests.
But if you open link in browser, HTTP GET request is sent to server. 
So you need to start kSync client to connect to server

For the client, how do I click on the ksync_client.jad file?? When i
deployed the ktoolbar for the j2mewtk, it had build problems for the
ksync_client project. I ran the debugger and it said that it could not
find any of the class files. It was searching in the
/usr/local/j2mewtk/apps/ksync_client/res directory. However, when I
checked, that directory does not exist. All the other test projects for
j2mewtk have that directory. 
I am running j2me 1.3.0 version. 

ksync_client tested only for j2me 1.2.0 Emulator. 
We expect to put kSync_client 2.0, that tested for j2me 1.3.0.

To run it on 1.0.3 you need to create classes directory in
/usr/local/j2mewtk/apps/ksync_client directory and unpack jar from
/usr/local/j2mewtk/apps/ksync_client/bin to it.
Let me know if you have more problems in running kSync. I'll try to help