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R: Ksync: is this list active??

Hi Alexandr,

my apologize for my haste
i'm studing a database synchronization project (clients have theirs own databases and also the server.. the databases have different meta data types and aren't of the same vendor --I think oracle for server and a open db for clients ) and so i'm looking for some syncML open pruduct. Ksync seem to be an excellent product. I'm looking to source code to know where i should put my business logic, that is where i should build an xmldocument (beginning from db) and send it using syncml commands.. should i create my own XMLSyncClientDocument and give it the right logic adding SyncSyncCommand??

I don't know if this is the right site to post this kind of questions, so my  apologise if they are out of interest.

Best Regards,

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Since kSync was announced only a week ago, in fact there are only few
messages here right now. But we are ready to answer your questions.

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> Hi all,
> i subscribed this list because i'm interested to the 
> enhydra's syncML server, but when i check the list archive 
> from  site 
> http://ksync.enhydra.org/project/mailingLists/ksync/mailists.h
> tml i'm redirected to the home page....
> so.. is this list active??
> best regards,
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